Cleveland Bagel Co.

Cleveland Bagel Co. specializes in making traditional old world bagels.

It's been a long road of horseshite to get from this to the next pic but we are here, we believe strongly that the earth is round and we would love to play with Lebron. You are welcome Cleveland! It's 2017, stop being so 2D Kyrie. Happy Wednesday!
Fresh hot malty boiled hand-rolled Cleveland Bagels today and everyday 6:30-noon 7 days a week (that is all the days) at 4201 Detroit Ave
#bagels #cle #thisiscle #theland #wolves #linktown #knifecounty #empire #2D #cavsnation #cleveland #allthedays #everyday #KyrieIrving #flat @ Cleveland Bagel Co.

Happy 48th birthday wishes go out to all-star Cleveland Bagel roller known to some as @sincerly_my_apologies_dre, aka D'Andrea, aka El Chappy, aka 'Suspect #1', aka Chopped Liver, aka 100 Missed Shots, aka the DZA, but we know him as D'Andre. A fine young man of 48 that has actually picked himself up by the friggin' bootstraps and is killing it at life right now. So happy birthday to the hard working, strong of will, D'Andre! #bagels #badtothebone #d'andre #cle #thisiscle #linktown #knifecounty #birthday #WuTang

Egg Sandwich pandemonium!!! Time-lapse Tuesdays? Our commodity is for this community? We vow not to spray paint our logo on the sidewalks? I don't know...I got nothing today. Come get bagels. Happy Tuesday Cleveland.
Fresh hot malty boiled hand-rolled Cleveland Bagels today and everyday 6:30-noon at 4201 Detroit Ave. Centrally located on the left side of the historic #Linktown arts and knives district. #bagels #cle #theland #cleveland #knifecounty #pandemonium #eggs #wutang

The excitement in the air today is palpable or maybe it's just the humidity that's making me sweat through my shorts. Regardless it wouldn't be summertime in Cleveland if it wasn't a tad cloudy humidly casting a lethargic sadness on the day. ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy 221st birthday Cleveland! Stay cool, stay your plums before they're prunes. Diversify yo' bonds. Love one another.
Fresh hot malty boiled hand-rolled slightly melancholy Cleveland Bagels today and everyday from 6:30-noon 7 days a week at 4201 Detroit Ave right in the dark heart of #Linktown and built atop an ancient yoga burial ground. #bagels #cle #cleveland #birthday #knifecounty #summertime #humid #wolves #WuTang #plums

LIFE HACK: Get a DUI and the state will provide you with free Cavaliers colored license plates!
In other news, we got a fancy new rug so you don't forget where you are at when standing at the counter.
Went on the Good-Time 3 yesterday and much to the chagrin of naysayers, had a great time! Would you live in a lighthouse on an island just off the shore of Cleveland? I would. Have a great Sunday Cleveland!
Fresh hot malty boiled hand rolled Cleveland Bagels today and everyday from 6:30-noon at 4201 Detroit Ave in the heart of the #Linktown arts and knives district! #bagels #wutang #cle #thisiscle #theland #cleveland #KnifeCounty #goodtime3 #cavs #cavsnation

The world shuttered and then there was much rejoicing! The email chain leaked. The rumors confirmed! CleBagelCo now has 4 beverages to choose from! Thanks @sixshootercoffee you guys are really swell! Get# your nitro cold brew while supplies last! #bagels #coldbrew #nitro #beverage #pandemonium #knifecounty #linktown #wolves #wutang #drinks #cans #limitedsupply

5th of July with our beloved Bagel team. They love Neil Diamond and I still love these guys. #fortunate

Happy almost Independence Day! Yesterday my apartment was broken into and my car was stolen so I'm now independent of a car and a safe place to live. Thanks America! Now I'm in the holiday spirit! ๐Ÿ˜€
We will be OPEN TOMORROW on the 4th from 6:30-noon and I must say our bagels with cheddar/chive schmear are grrrrrreat for burgers! We will be CLOSED on the 5th and 6th for some shop renovations and open again on Friday the 7th. Have fun grilling and honoring Bill Pullman's and Will Smith's heroic efforts to liberate us from a space alien invasion all those years ago. Bahumbug. ๐Ÿ˜ #bagels #independenceday #cle #theland #bagelburgers #buns #knifecounty #Linktown #empire #eatlocal #wutang #baconeggandcheese #RIPrustyCorolla #summertimeinthecity

'Thank you Cleveland!' is what a lot of rock bands say in Detroit in the midst of a long drug addled tour, but we mean it sincerely. We just had our busiest week ever and we owe it all to you, the people of Cleveland! Crime, schrime...we aren't going anywhere and Geoff and I will never die ๐Ÿ˜€. Have a great weekend kiddos! We will be open again tomorrow at 6:30 am. #bagels #Linktown #knifecounty #empire #wutang #cle #theland #baconeggandcheese #drugs #schrime

Good morning Cleveland! It's Monday. No real cause for celebration, but we are breathing and it seems like it will be a nice day. Make your Monday pop off right by stopping by the shop and grabbing some fresh hot malty boiled hand rolled Cleveland Bagels or one of our, soon to be world famous breakfast sandwiches! Due to recent social media comments, I should, in the spirit of full disclosure, inform you all that we did not invent bagels or breakfast sandwiches, but we do try to make them really well. #bagels #cle #theland #baconeggandcheese #mondays #Linktown #knifecounty #empire #wutang #GoTribe @ Cleveland Bagel Co.

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4201 Detroit Ave
Cleveland, OH

Opening Hours

Monday 6:30am - 12pm
Tuesday 6:30am - 12pm
Friday 6:30am - 12pm
Saturday 6:30am - 12pm
Sunday 6:30am - 12pm
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