Server Jonathon Stithem

Server Jonathon Stithem

[01/05/13] Hey everyone it's my second day back and looky looky we got 55 cent Margaritas guys come see me but get there early we have a long wait most of the time

[01/04/13] Hey everyone im back in town ill be at casa at 4 to 10 stop by and see me it's been way to long

My new look for the Christmas time hats and shirts will change

[11/15/12] Alright 55 cent Margarita day is here come see me people im here all day

[11/15/12] Alright everyone remember tomorrow is 55 cent Margaritas at casa ole i will be there from open to close stop by and see me

[11/12/12] I would like to say thank you to all of our veterans and their family’s for all they have done for this great nation thank y’all

It ok she not driving bro

Only a little shy we love our guest here at casa ole

[11/09/12] alright everyone its friday we got ritas for $1.99 till 7 no work for some people tomorrow stop on by we have the blue iguanas as well you get to keep the shaker im ganna be there at 5 so stop on by

[11/08/12] All right it is Thursday im here at casa ole all day stop on by we got 1.99 Margaritas or the awesome blue iguana rita 6.99 to